Transmission Gully motorway open

transmission gully motorway open

Transmission Gully motorway is finally open!

Watch these videos of an electric car driver’s view of the newly opened Transmission Gully motorway. Wellington Region’s newest motorway officially opened on 30 March 2022.

However, it was not until 3am the next day, Thursday 31 March 2022, that saw public being able to use the new route. While watching the video you may notice a good number of electric cars – this made us smile.

Motorway steep hills

The videos were shot from a 2014 24kWh Nissan Leaf. It is fair to say the 27 kilometre Transmission Gully road has a few steep gradients. Wainui Saddle is the new roads highest point, topping out at 253 metres above sea level.

Inclines significantly sapped the Leaf’s battery. climbing the hills saw the Leaf lose about 10% of its range. However, during the descent we saw the battery gain about 2%. If we had the choice, we would take a Tesla or something else with enough torque to keep up with the traffic.

Steep hills and fast speeds make Transmission Gully a formidable foe for early model Nissan Leafs. Perhaps ChargeNet could consider adding an electric vehicle charging station in Pāuatahanui?

Southbound journey

Video shows Transmission Gully motorway heading southbound from Kāpiti to Tawa.

Our journey starts at Paraparaumu’s Kāpiti Lights junction on the Kāpiti Coast and head southbound along the old state highway 1. We join the Kāpiti Expressway at Raumati and make our way towards Paekākāriki.

Soon after Mackays Crossing we join the newly opened Transmission Gully Motorway. The Wellington region’s newest motorway was officially opened yesterday, however the public were not allowed onto the road until today, 31 March 2022.

Continuing past Paekākāriki, we progress towards Pukerua Bay, then onwards to Plimmerton and Porirua.

About 27km laters, near Porirua, we merge with State Highway 59 and continue along State Highway 1, until the Tawa off ramp.

Northbound journey

Transmission Gully motorway heading northbound from Tawa to Kāpiti.

By Paul

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