Transmission Gully: Electric Vehicle battery drain or gain?

transmission gully ev battery drain

Transmission Gully: Electric Vehicle battery drain or gain?

Ever wondered how much Electric Vehicle battery power is used driving to the summit of Transmission Gully? Do you think an Electric Vehicle gains power or does Transmission Gully drain the battery?

This point-of-view (POV) shows a driver’s eye view of climbing to the summit and then descending to SH58 exit. The summit is 253m above sea level via an 8% gradient.

Transmission Gully journey data

Here are some details about our journey to the summit of Transmission Gully. This is not exactly a scientific experiment but this data will give you a better picture of electric vehicle and the conditions for the journey.
Filmed: 2 August 2022
Outside temperature: 10ºC
Weather: light rain, southerly breeze
Vehicle: 2014 Nissan Leaf 24kWh battery ex Japan ZAA-AZE0
Battery SOH: 10 bars or about 85%
Aircon: 21ºC
Cruise control: 100km/h
Occupants: driver only with no cargo
Notes: POV camera attached to cap – without stabilisation (must remember to turn on smooth stabilisation next time)

Time stamps to the summit of Transmission Gully

00:00 Mackays Crossing
03:28 Pouāwhā, Wainui Saddle aka the summit
04:13 Speedsters
05:57 100km/h with little battery drain
07:54 overtaking slower truck
10:51 SH58 exit

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Transmission Gully battery drain or gain
Driving to the summit of Transmission Gully in an electric vehicle

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