Electric vehicle resources

Electric vehicle connected to rapid charger
Electric vehicle connected to rapid charger

Electric vehicle resources

An entire page dedicated to electric vehicle resources. First, let us state, this is not a full and comprehensive list of resources for electric vehicles.

However, this page does include a range of information from charging station locations to electricity suppliers.

Also, you may find our glossary of electric vehicle terms useful.

Battery replacement services

At present there are very few companies that offer electric vehicle battery replacement services. For Kāpiti EV drivers, the nearest providers are based in Auckland and Christchurch.
» Blue Cars (Auckland)
» EVs Enhanced (Christchurch)

Charging station locations

A guide to electric vehicle charging stations on the Kāpiti Coast, Greater Wellington and around Aotearoa New Zealand.

Cable connector types

A list of popular electric vehicle charging cable connection types available in New Zealand.

Charging network operators

» ChargeNet
» Zero (Meridian Energy)
» Thundergrid
» OpenLoop
» Unison
» Vector

Car brand specific charger networks

» Tesla Supercharger Network
» Tesla Destination Charging
» BMW ChargeNow

Electricity suppliers

Electricity supply companies who may provide special rates for charging electric vehicles.
» Ecotricity
» Electric Kiwi
» Mercury Energy
» Meridian Energy

Hire companies

Local ebike and mobility scooter hire companies on the Kāpiti Coast.
» The Mobility Company
» Biking Mad



» ElectricAir

Ebikes (electric bicycles)

» The Mobility Company
» Biking Mad
» Evo Cycles
» Wattwheels

Cars (battery electric vehicles)

» Kia
» Gazley
» MG Motor

Mobility scooters

» The Mobility Company


» FTN Motion

Home or office EV chargers

» Chargemaster
» JuicePoint
» Wallbox
» TransNet

Servicing electric vehicles

» Kāpiti Kia
» PitStop

Charging station apps, maps and route planners

» PlugShare
» Power Trip

» Sustainable Transport Strategy

» Clean Car Discount
» Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA)
» Gen Less