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Kāpiti Electric Vehicle Society

Accelerating Kāpiti’s transition towards sustainable transportation.

Our aim is too educate and encourage Kāpiti Coast residents of the many benefits of electrified transportation.

Transportation, in one form or another, is used by almost every resident of the Kāpiti Coast. These forms of transport include; skateboards, scooters, cycles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, trams, trains, watercraft and aircraft.

Looking to a sustainable future

Currently many of these methods of transit are not environmentally friendly. This means they are not sustainable transport solutions. At KEVS we look towards a future with clean and sustainable transportation.

We are proudly independent and not affiliated with any large organisations or sponsors. Bring on the rEVolution!

electric aircraft mayor guru
Mayor Guru electric aircraft inflight over Kāpiti Airport
Kāpiti Coast District Council Mayor K (Guru) Gurunathan takes a trial flight in an electric aircraft over the Kāpiti Coast Airport. Mayor Guru gives a running commentary during his first flight in Rerenga Hiko, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro, operated by ElectricAir. Continue reading

Watch our videos

Spot the EVs videos
Electric Vehicles Counting Report (EVCR) is a non-scientific series of videos highlighting the growing number of EVs on our roads. It’s just for fun hence the name EVCR (e-v-seer).

EVCR videos appear in two parts. Part one shows an unedited EV commuters journey. Later, part two is uploaded and points out all the EVs seen in the first video. Have a go and see how many EVs you can spot!

Electric Vehicle Counting Report videos

Electric Vehicle How To videos
Take a look at our helpful ‘How To‘ videos for electric vehicles.

How to adjust the clock minutes only in a Nissan Leaf

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Looking for more EV videos? Subscribe to our YouTube channel. We aim to publish a new video every week. Like. Subscribe. Comment. Share.

KEVS YouTube video channel

Electric vehicle resources

EV battery charging station locations
Electric vehicle battery charging stations are popping up all over the Kāpiti Coast, Greater Wellington and around Aotearoa New Zealand.

Electric vehicle charging station locations Kāpiti Coast

EV connector types
Discover the difference types of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) connectors. From the popular Combined Charging System (CCS) to the SAE J1772.

EVSE charging cable connector types

Charging station operators
Electric vehicle charging stations are operated by private companies. Take a look at the growing list of charging network operators.

Electric vehicle charging network operators Kāpiti