Aptera Motors animation


Aptera Motors animation is educating the next generation about electric vehicles. Watch this child friendly 5 minute animation.

Aptera Motors animation

Told in a picture book style, Aptera’s Mighty Mission follows the journey of a white dove. Soaring through clean air the white dove flies into a dark gas cloud and begins to cough.

The dark gas cloud appear to be made by the big dirty cars. Wondering how to get rid of the gas cloud, the white dove asks if anyone can save the World. “I’ll help you!” says Aptera. And so the story begins.

aptera-mighty-mission-playAptera’s Mighty Mission animated video for children

Solar electric vehicle

Aptera Motors has introduced the first solar electric vehicle (sEV) that requires no charging for most daily use and boasts a range of about 1,600+ kilometres per full charge, shattering industry performance achievements to date.

1,600+ km per full charge

Aptera leverages breakthroughs in lightweight structures, low-drag aerodynamics and cooling, material science, and manufacturing processes to deliver the most efficient vehicle ever made available to consumers.

Solar charging equals long range

Aptera’s Never Charge is built into every vehicle and is designed to harvest enough sunlight to travel over 11,000 miles (17,000+ kilometres) per year in most regions.

The world’s most technologically advanced solar vehicle made possible through breakthroughs in battery efficiency, aerodynamics, material science and manufacturing.

Aptera is the first in a line of unique and breakthrough solar vehicles being produced by Aptera Motors that are powered by the sun and won’t need charging for most daily use. We’re an efficiency-obsessed brand offering an array of safe, comfortable, and fun to drive vehicles.

Source: Aptera Motors – Solar Electric Vehicle

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