How to play music from CD, USB drive and AUX – Nissan Leaf

How to play CD USB and AUX music in a Nissan Leaf

How to play music from CD, USB drive and AUX (3.5mm headphone cable) – Nissan Leaf.

A short step-by-step guide on how to listen to music from Compact Disc (CD), Universal Serial Bus (USB) drive and auxiliary (AUX) [3.5mm headphone cable] in a Nissan Leaf.

Play music video timestamps

00:05​ Play music from a CD
1. Press CD button
2. Press OPEN/TILT button
3. Insert CD, printed side up
4. Warning beep sounds as panel closes
5. Music plays automatically
6. To remove the CD, press OPEN/TILT button
7. Then press the small CD eject button
8. Carefully remove the CD
9. Press OPEN/TILT button to close the panel

01:10​ Play music from USB
1. Press TV AUX button – if ‘USB’ does not appear on the screen, press TV AUX repeatedly until it appears
2. Use MP3 files on a FAT32 formatted USB drive
3. Open USB port cover
4. Insert USB drive
5. Music plays automatically

01:48​ Play music via AUX [3.5mm headphone cable]
1. Press TV AUX button
2. Use a cable with a 3.5mm connector
3. Open auxiliary input jack cover
4. Insert 3.5mm connector into auxiliary input jack
5. Play music on connected device
6. Music plays through Leaf’s speakers
7. Adjust gain from Lo, Mid or Hi

Other ways to listen to music
To conclude, this video shows three ways to listen to music; CD, USB and auxiliary. However, there are other ways to listen to music in a Nissan Leaf. For example, it is possible to listen music via Bluetooth, such as a mobile phone. Or you may choose to simply tune the radio to your favourite radio station.

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