How to change clock for daylight savings time – Nissan Leaf

How to change clock time in a Nissan Leaf

How to change clock for daylight savings time – Nissan Leaf

A short step-by-step guide on how to change the clock time in a Nissan Leaf.

1. Make sure you connect an EVSE or charging cable before starting.
2. Press Map button. Now press the following button sequence fairly quickly:
– Press Map button 3 times
– Quickly press Audio Power button 2 times
– Press Map button again.
3. Select ‘Adjustment’
4. Scroll down one line and then select ‘Time setting’.
5. Increase or decrease as required.
– Year/Month
– Day
– Hour
– Minute
6. Press ‘Confirm’. Time is changed.
7. Press ‘Go back’.
8. System appears to restart.

Notes: touch screen was slow to respond when increasing/decreasing the time. Also, the timezone appears to be set for somewhere overseas (AM 9 = PM 5) – have not figured out how to change that yet.

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